Spotlight on… Viruses! With Izzy the Inspector

Viruses are tiny (even smaller than bacteria) and they can’t be seen with an ordinary microscope! They have a very simple structure and can’t grow outside living plants. Symptoms of viruses on plants can look very different depending on the virus and the particular plant they are found on. The symptoms can appear on all parts of the plant.

Izzy the Inspector

Izzy goes to see her Aunt Anne for lunch. She shows Izzy the new cucumber plants she bought off the internet - they were a bargain! However, when Izzy looks at the plants in Aunt Anne’s greenhouse she thinks they might have a virus as some of the leaves look unhealthy.

Viruses are often spread from infected plants to healthy ones by insects. Insects pick up the virus by sucking on the plant juices of an infected plant. They then suck on the juices of the next healthy plant and spread the virus to that plant too.

Izzy the Inspector


Look at this picture of Aunt Anne’s greenhouse. Can you count the number of unhealthy leaves and number of insects?

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