National Plant Health Week

This year's National Plant Health Week will be from the 6th-12th May 2024, with the International Plant Health Day taking place on the 12th May. 

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If you enjoy gardening... watch garden designer Adam Frost’s top tips on how to keep plants healthy!

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'Why Plant Health Matters, and what can you do to help' - A discussion for National Plant Health Week 2023.

Gerry Saddler, Scotland’s’ Chief Plant Health Officer holds a conversation between Plant Health colleagues, including Ian Toth (Plant Health Centre), James Nott (Scottish Forestry), Fiona Burnett (Scotland’s Rural College)  and Lisa Ward (Forest Research) all working to protect the health of Scotland's natural and cultivated plants, with advice on how the general public can help to protect plant health in Scotland, and across the UK. Watch here.

Grey Squirrel Impact Assessment Webinar >> 10 May 10:00 - 12:00

The National Forest’s Ed Hiorns provides an overview of how to use the grey squirrel impact and assessment methodology to assess bark stripping damage to trees in woods. This can contribute to a better understanding of damage levels and to more effective management. Register here.

The impact of bacterial diseases on crops and food supply Webinar >> 10 May  13:00 - 14:00

Bacterial diseases affect many food plants reducing yields and contributing to shortages. Emerging diseases not yet present in the UK also threaten to devastate our crops. Our researchers are studying bacterial diseases which affect carrots, cabbages, potatoes, olives, cherries and strawberries amongst others. Come along to hear about the latest research into preventing and managing diseases caused by bacteria like XanthomonasXylellaPectobacterium, and Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearumRegister here.

Find out more on this webinar at the Bacterial Plant Diseases Programme website

Healthy Hedgerows: healthy homes for dormice and birds >> 10 May 19:00 - 20:00

Join dormouse expert Ian White to learn why hedgerows are so important for these tiny mammals and how we can manage our hedgerows better for them to thrive. Taking to the air, Lucy Lapwing will introduce us to the birds we might see and hear in our urban and rural hedgerows and what we can do to help make our farm or garden hedgerows their ideal homes. Register here.

An Introduction to Tree Pests and Diseases >> 11 May 14:00

For Plant Health Week 2023, join Rebecca Gosling, the Woodland Trust's tree health officer to find out more about tree pests and diseases, signs and symptoms, and what you can do to help. Register here.

Hedge Knowledge: what national hedgerow surveys can do for us >> 11 May 19:00 - 20:00

Megan Gimber from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species will talk about how you can survey hedgerows in your local area to find out how healthy they are and the best way to manage them through The Great British Hedgerow Survey. Register here.

Rothamsted Research Webinar: Plant Health and Biosecurity of Trees >> 12 May 11:00 - 12:15

As part of National Plant Health Week, on this year's Plant Health Day Rothamsted Research are holding a webinar on the changing threats to British trees from forest insects as well as a study about the bacterial associated disease, acute oak decline (AOD). There will also be an expert-led discussion on biosecurity of trees, chaired by Nicola Spence (Defra). Register here

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Plant Health for Environmental Protection Webinar >> 12 May 12:30 - 14:30

The International Day of Plant Health 2023 calls on everyone to raise awareness and take action to keep our plants healthy and help protect the environment and biodiversity. Register here

Forest Science Seminar: Identifying Phytophthora risk in plant nurseries >> 12 May 14:00 - 15:00

This webinar will present an overview of  ‘EUPHRESCO ID-PHYT’ project (June 2020-March 2023) findings across the partner countries, emphasising the benefits of science-stakeholder collaboration and engagement on plant health at an international level. Register here.

Find out more on this webinar at the Forest Research website

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