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Discover how you can get involved with plant health activities and events...

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From becoming a Nature Detective to tree planting… there are lots of fantastic plant health activities that you can get involved with!


Izzy the Inspector Book

For fun all year round this fab activity booklet invites children to ‘Help protect our plants with Izzy the Inspector’ - it covers topics such as why plants are important and an introduction to plant disease, insects and fungi, to name a few, all designed to encourage children to explore the plants around them!

You can download the Izzy the Inspector activity book here



UK Plant Health Week >> 10 - 16 May

National Plant Health Week takes place from 10 - 16 May 2021, where we will be sharing with you how you can help keep plants healthy, and practice good biosecurity. Connect with us on social media using the hashtag #planthealthweek on Twitter and Instagram

Discover more about the events and related activities for Plant Health Week 2021!

Walk Where You May >> 1 May - 31 May

Every May is Walk in the Woods month – a time when people across the country celebrate their local trees and woodlands! This year, the Tree Council's Walk in the Woods campaign is called Walk Where You May. You can join thousands of people across the country by getting out and celebrating your local trees in Walk in the Woods month! It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy strolling through woodland, walking in your local park, or simply appreciating the tree-lined streets around you.

Find out more about Walk in the Woods on the Tree Council website

Invasive Species Week >> 24 - 30 May

An annual event led by the GB Non Native Species Secretariat (GBNNSS) to raise awareness of invasive species and how everyone can help to prevent their spread.

Find out more about Invasive Species Week on the GBNNSS website

Tree Tools for Schools

Woodland Trust have put together all their educational resources for school and the most popular Nature Detectives activities in one place. You can now access these in Tree Tools for Schools, a free online learning hub.

Vist the Tree Tools for Schools website

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives

The Woodland Trust have created a series of lockdown blogs including nature-based activities for budding Nature Detectives that you can enjoy together at home, in your garden or in your local woods.

Find out more about nature activities on the Woodland Trust website

The Royal Horticultural Society >> 2021 events

For plant lovers and garden enthusiasts there are numerous RHS shows and events taking place throughout the year.

Explore the RHS events online

National Tree Week >> 27 November - 5 December

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest tree celebration, inspiring communities across the UK to plant thousands of trees every year since 1975. In 2021, it will take place from Saturday 27 November - Sunday 5 December bringing people together to celebrate and plant trees across the country! There will also be an inspiring online programme of tree-related arts and culture events.

Find out more about National Tree Week 2021 on the Tree Council website

BSPP2021 – Our Plants, Our Future – Presidential Conference (OPOF) >> 6 December - 8 December   

In partnership with the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP), the British Society for Plant Pathology presents the Our Plants, Our Future – Presidential Conference from Professor Nicola Spence. Due to unforeseen circumstances in 2020, this conference was moved to December 2021. OPOF will reflect that 2020 was the International year of Plant Health and raise awareness of the importance of plant health while addressing issues of global concern, including hunger, poverty and threats to the environment. #BSPP2021

Find out more about Our Plants, Our Future on the British Society for Plant Pathology website

Actions you can take

1. Take care of plants at home and in the office

2. Buy responsibly

Source plants from reputable nurseries and suppliers

3. Don’t bring back plants from abroad

4. Report any unusual symptoms on trees and plants

Visit FC Tree Alert online

5. Clean your boots

After visiting woodlands and parks to help limit the spread of potentially devastating plant diseases