Help Protect Our Plants with Izzy the Inspector



Hi, I’m Izzy the Inspector and I love my fascinating job as a plant inspector. I look at plants in garden centres, trees in the woods and fruit and vegetables arriving at airports. I look to see if there are any pests on them, or if they are healthy or sick. A pest is a living thing that can hurt plants. Let me tell you why plants are important and why we need to keep them healthy. Maybe you can help?

Izzy the Inspector


Plants feed us: 80% of the food we eat comes from plants.

Plants help us breathe: plants produce 98% of the oxygen we breathe.

Plants reduce pollution: plants help remove pollution from the air, which means we have cleaner air to breathe.

Plants are home to wildlife: oak trees in the UK can have over 2,000 different animals, plants and fungi living on and in them.

Find out fascinating facts about plants and discover how you can help protect our plants with Izzy the Inspector!

Izzy the Inspector Activity Book

Jam-packed with fascinating plant health facts and fun activities… check out our Izzy the Inspector Activity Book!
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Izzy the Inspector Activity Book - written by Duncan Allen & Rachel Yale, illustrated by Mandy Riley