Spotlight on… Bacteria! With Izzy the Inspector

Bacteria are tiny microbes, even smaller than a full stop, so we can’t see them on plants with the naked eye. Scientists can only see bacteria with a microscope which makes them appear bigger.

Izzy the Inspector


Izzy receives a phone call from Mr Smith. He sounds very worried! He tells Izzy that the plants he brought back from his holiday have spots. To make the plants feel better he put them in his garden, but now the spots have spread to other plants. He doesn’t know what to do!
Izzy tells Mr Smith...

Bringing plants back from holiday is not a good idea, as pests could be on them.

Mr Smith asks Izzy what he can do to help. She tells Mr Smith to dig up the plants and destroy them to stop the spots spreading to his neighbour’s garden.



Can you find all the leaves in Mr Smith’s garden that have spots caused by bacteria?

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