National Plant Health Week


National Plant Health Week is an annual designated week of action to raise public awareness and engagement on how to keep our plants healthy.

It is a collaborative effort by over 30 organisations across the UK who are committed to protect the health of our nation’s plants and trees. This year we are celebrating the importance of being a good plant health citizen. Over the last 10 years we have undertaken a range of activities to support this work, which includes education, training, and citizen science work. With an emphasis on working together, the participants can reach a larger audience and more effectively communicate and amplify vital messages surrounding plant health. The week also incorporates the United Nations International Day of Plant Health 

Actions you can take to be a good plant health citizen this Plant Health Week:

Look out for signs of pests and diseases on your local trees- report these through TreeAlert, This information supports important tree health monitoring and surveillance work, contributes to ongoing scientific research, and helps to protect the nation's trees
‘Don’t risk it!’ Don’t bring plant material (plants, trees, fruit and seeds) into the UK from trips abroad. These might be carrying harmful pests and diseases
Buy your plants and trees responsibly- Source plants from reputable nurseries and suppliers. If you are buying plants online, buy from a UK-based supplier where possible, to reduce the risk of harmful pests and diseases entering the country. Check out the YouTube Video: ‘Buying Responsibly with Pippa Greenwood’
• Keep it clean by cleaning boots, bikes and buggies before visiting woodlands and parks, otherwise you could spread harmful organisms like fungi, bacteria and insects.
• If you are a supplier or trader, look into becoming Plant Healthy Certified. You will be helping to protect our plants, landscape and wildlife.

Learn how to buy plants and tree responsibly with Pippa Greenwood (HTA)

In the UK we will be using this exciting opportunity to show how we can all help to keep plants healthy and contribute towards being the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.

Free Webinars during National Plant Health Week 2024

Join the UK Squirrel Accord and Animal & Plant Health Agency ​as they discuss progress on their research into a fertility control for grey squirrels. In the future this should offer an effective, non-lethal, alternative or complementary management method.