Plant of the Month - November - Ash Tree


Artist: Susanna Davies - - is an artist and illustrator based in London. She is known for her Hackney Tree Hundred project, documenting 100 trees #HackneyTreeHundred in pen, ink and watercolour. She is also a talented artist creating impressionist works in mixed media.

Why did we pick it?

Tree disease has dramatically changed landscapes and ecosystems in the UK. Dutch elm disease killed more than 25 million trees in the UK between 1967 and 1990, and very few mature elms remain today. Today, one of the most common trees in the UK is at risk from a new threat called Ash dieback. To avoid another catastrophic loss of trees and all the species that depend on them, researchers from across disciplines are coming together to tackle the problem from all sides: from the biology of the pathogen to motivating the human behaviours needed for change,

Ash Tree extras

From Dutch elm disease to chestnut blight and ash dieback, it seems that we’ve heard a lot about tree epidemics and infestations in recent years. But are our trees really more vulnerable to disease than they used to be? And if they are, what is the reason, and what can be done about it?"

UNPICK is a three year research project designed to investigate how UK publics understand and perceive the growing threats to tree health from invasive pests and diseases. Outputs from the research will be used to improve the way government and stakeholders engage with publics about future risks to our trees, woodlands and forests. ESRC/NERC-funded project: https://www.imp