Plant of the Month - May - Strawberries


Stina Jones is a freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Manchester, producing graphics for everything from print and web marketing campaigns, through to animations and exhibitions, with a focus on for colourful illustrative designs.

Why did we pick it?

Strawberries are part of a booming soft fruit industry. Plants that produce edible fruits around the world are under threat from pests and diseases, with some - like the Cavendish banana- under threat of extinction. Research and innovation is helping to create new methods of treating disease in fruit-bearing plants - and even advancing methods like indoor growing to keep crops like strawberries safe from pests.

Strawberry related fun:

University of Warwick: Game, set and match to strawberries

NIAB EMR-China research unlocks strawberry disease resistance

Funding partnership to tackle top horticultural pest and diseases

Video transcript: Harvest 2050
We’ve developed a robot strawberry harvesting system that not only picks the strawberries but also grades the strawberries at the point of harvest

The farms of the future
It’s no small thing the UK strawberries market alone is worth around £300M per year and besides Harper Adams University partners include

Map shows makeup of British landscape
Many crops depend on these pollinators so if their numbers keep falling we may have to wave goodbye to many favourite foods from strawberries to apples

Watering the strawberry fields of the mind

The MRC Festival of Medical Research 2016
This video gives a sneak peek at the MRC Harwell family open day where people could extract genetic data from a strawberry crystallise

Researchers use simple chemicals to minimise organ damage following heart attack and stroke
Malonate esters are cheap readily available and are found naturally in fruits like strawberries apples and grapes although not in high enough volumes

Ozone can protect fruit from decay for weeks after exposure
previously found that mimicking the ozone levels of a spring day in storage can suppress pathogens and increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables like strawberries

Turning down the heat on farming
Strawberry picking The Cool Farm Tool CFT aims to help

The new green revolution
Wireworm a widespread scourge of potato farmers; and black vine weevil which costs nursery growers some £30m a year by devastating crops like strawberries