Plant of the Month - July - Maize


Chloe Baldwin - Buttercrumble

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Why did we pick it?

Maize (called corn in some countries) is Zea mays, a member of the grass family Poaceae. It is a cereal grain and is now the third most important cereal crop in the world. However, little of this maize is eaten directly by humans. Most is used to make corn ethanol, animal feed and other maize products, such as corn starch and corn syrup.

Maize has been a fruitful model organism for research in genetics for many years: see Barbara McClintock. Research has shown that artificial selection developed maize from a Mexican plant called Teosinte.

Maize extras

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http //www cimmyt org

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Researchers are working to demonstrate the potential for variation between maize genotypes to influence the rhizosphere microbiome for function