Plant of the Month - August - Lavender


Emma Mitchell is an illustrator and jewellery maker. @silverpebble

Why did we pick it?

Lavender is a potential host of devastating plant disease Xylella fastidiosa. This month, we'll be highlighting how cross-border movement of plants and plant material plays a major role in introducing new diseases to plants that have never encountered them before - a recipe for a plant health disaster - and the roles of epidemiology, DNA fingerprinting and social science in understanding, monitoring and tackling disease spread.

Lavendar extras

Lavender is a woody plant and a potential host for Xylella, a serious plant disease that hs entered Europe.

Manmade marshes poorer in plant-life than natural ones
Sea lavender is conspicuous on a natural salt marsh at Holkham Norfolk

All choked up
Research into the anti algal properties of all types of straw lavender

Citizen science: The people behind the data
"There were so many imaginative questions but we selected a comparison between pollinator visits to the English and French lavender"

AHRC grant to develop eScent - a wearable device using aroma-based stress management, including lavender